10 Practical Tips for Working with LGBT Influencers

We recently attended the LGBT New Media Trade Show & Expo held at The Vdara Hotel Las Vegas in December

The trade show was a great mix of cutting-edge LGBT New Media companies and influencers. This trade show and expo was open to all LGBT media that had a strong online or mobile app presence, including those with a focus on bloggers, YouTube content creators and other LGBT influencers.

As part of the trade show we had the opportunity to present a session giving travel industry professionals tips on working with LGBT influencers.  Interested in working with LGBT influencers on a campaign to help promote your brand, business or destination? Check out these 10 tips you should use when planning your campaign.

Tip #1

Know the definition of an influencer.

Tip #2

Ensure your influencer has an LGBT audience. Just because they are LGBT themselves doesn’t mean their audience is LGBT.

Tip #3

Understand size vs. influencer. Just because someone has a large following doesn’t necessarily mean they’re influential.

Tip #4

Define your campaign goals before you start any campaign or selecting influencers.

Tip #5

Define KPI’s in advance and measure during the campaign.

Tip #6

Pick the right influencer

Tip #7

Use best practices by understanding their value and being personal. and trusting their creative ability.

Tip #8

Trust their creative ability and balance your marketing goals with their intimate knowledge of their audience and channels.

Tip #9

Understand and manage risk.

Tip #10

It’s ok to start small


You can also view and download the full presentation here to get all the details on the 10 Tips mentioned above.

Are you interested in learning more about LGBT influencer marketing to see if it’s good fit for you? Please contact us here for a free consultation.