Empowering LGBT Content Creators to Travel the World & Tell Their Story

Update August 22nd, 2016: We’re Fully Funded!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve reached our fundraising goal with our Kickstarter and we want to give a special thanks to all our backers who have helped make this project a reality. We’ll be in touch with each supporter soon to officially deliver all the rewards promised. Thanks for all your words of support, encouragement and trusting us to bring this project forward. You can view our full list of backers here.

Update July 24th, 2016

We want to help more LGBT bloggers, YouTubers and social media personalities to travel the world & share their adventures.

Outfluential was founded by the guys behind Two Bad Tourists, a popular travel blog and online resource for LGBT travelers created in 2012 focusing on international gay friendly destinations, festivals and events. With an audience of more than 110,000 readers and followers, the website has grown to become one of the most popular online travel blogs written specifically for the LGBT community.

We want to use our expertise in blogging, social media and outreach to help content creators connect with the travel industry to provide opportunities for increased visibility for the LGBT community.  Like Two Bad Tourists, Outfluential was founded on a passion for travel and the belief that LGBT tourism is a unique and important segment of the industry that is full of opportunity but lacks full representation from within our own community of self-made content creators, social media stars, YouTubers and bloggers.

We think it’s important for more LGBT people to travel and share their stories. The more LGBT visibility we provide, the better we can overcome homophobia and help LGBT people to travel safely and be better informed about the amazing opportunities around the world waiting to be discovered.
We’ve already started connecting with great LGBT content creators who want to be part of this exciting project. Check out what some of our existing supporters are saying about us.
 “We’re excited to be part of the Outfluential Team to support and empower equality connecting LGBT travelers worldwide.” #lovewins #loveislove – Karl & Daan, KarlisWorld

“Improving LGBT visibility is important to us and we think travel is a great way to help our community around the world.” – Vinny & Luke, V-Squared

“We think Outfluential is a cool and much needed concept and we’re looking forward to joining the team.” – Lauren & Bly, Button & Bly’s Travel Show

“We are passionate about travelling and in particular providing more visibility to LGBT travel. We are therefore delighted to be a part of the Outfluential project.” – Stefan & Sebastien, Nomadic Boys

How are we going to do it?

Outfluential is a simple concept – we want to help content creators earn a living by telling more travel stories. We’ll do this by connecting content creators with the travel industry in a win-win scenario where content creators get access to more travel opportunities while helping to provide visibility to destinations and brands that support the LGBT community and want us to visit. Writing and creating video about travel is fun and rewarding, but unless content creators can get rewarded for their time, it’s difficult to continuously tell these stories. By connecting these two parities, we hope to see more great travel adventures from our favorite storytellers which will ultimately help the LGBT community gain access to better travel tips, advice and safety information.

We understand that the concept of “gay travel” might not make sense to everyone. After all, does our identity really affect the way we travel? However, we do firmly believe that until the LGBT community has full rights and acceptance globally, there will always be a need for additional support and specialized services for our community to ensure the comfort, quality and safety of our travel experiences. But rather than let the travel industry and traditional media (e.g. magazines, apps, guide books, etc.) take the lead, we prefer to empower self-made bloggers, YouTubers and social media personalities to help pave the path.

Interested in learning more about influencer marketing? You can see some of our past case studies or browse our product offering here. Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.