#LGBTVillage Twitter Chat

#LGBTVillage Twitter Chat @ World Travel Market London – Q4 2015

Outfluential developed a comprehensive social media program for the LGBT Village at World Travel Market London in collaboration with Out Now Business Class.


  • Increase awareness of the LGBT Village at WTM
  • Increase awareness of each of the individual exhibitors at WTM
  • Drive increased footfall to the LGBT Village during the show
  • Stimulate interest in the LGBT Masterclass 
  • Create cross promotion between all exhibitors by sharing retweets, using common has tags #LGBTvillage and #WTM15 
  • Create buzz and activity through the Video screen at the LGBT Village

The social program was successful increasing awareness for the LGBT Village stand, promoting the official events and creating an engaging conversation about LGBT tourism on Twitter.


  • 3% increase in social media following from select accounts that actively used the hashtag during the week of WTM and during the twitter chat
  • 732 total number of social media posts using the hashtag #LGBTvillage
  • 156 unique participants in the Twitter chat
  • 4,288,000 Twitter Impressions or Opportunities to See (OTS)
  • $68,000 AVE – the advertising equivalent value that you would pay to make the same number of impressions on social media using sponsored posts


    The social media program at the WTM LGBT Village was successful in generating increased awareness for the physical stand as well as promoting the events including the live Twitter chat, LGBT masterclass and the networking meet up at the stand. Participants using the hashtag were able to virtually identify key players interested in LGBT tourism and many saw an increase in social media following as a result. The program was also successful in generating increased interest, awareness and foot traffic to the stand which is among the most important measurable results as part of the WTM event.