Project Details

  • Client: Tourism Office of Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm Gay Pride – Summer 2016

Outfluential partnered with the Visit Benidorm, the official tourism office of Benidorm, Spain to promote the city to LGBT Europeans. The bloggers visited Benidorm during the city’s gay pride festival to capture the essence of the city and offering to LGBT tourists as well as feature the city as an open and welcoming destination for LGBT visitors from the European market.

Blogger Activities

  • Sharing our travel adventures in real-time on social media
  • Telling our story through articles on our personal travel blogs
  • Promoting the importance of the LGBT acceptance
  • Inspiring people to travel through engaging and visual content

Benidorm Gay Pride 2016

Sample Video: Benidorm Gay Pride video featuring Dutchified

Benidorm Tourist Highlights

Sample Video: Highlights of Benidorm beyond the European expectation featuring Dutchified

Additional Blogger Stories


  • Enlist 4 LGBT travel bloggers to Benidorm during Gay Pride
  • Promote the city as a destination for LGBT travelers
  • Share their experience via their online channels and blogs

Pride celebrations are important public statements of LGBT rights, acceptance and the continued fight for equality. We believe there is no better way to spread this message than visiting a host city during pride to increase the visibility of LGBT travel and acceptance through our inspiring, digital storytelling.


  • Twitter: 95+ Tweets, 75K accounts reached and 380K impressions
  • Instagram: 44 photos, 19K accounts reached and 26K impressions
  • Facebook: 38 posts, 9K accounts reached and 83K impressions
  • 5 blog articles & 2 YouTube videos published
  • 7,800+ Total Social Media Engagements
  • Increase in following to Visit Benidorm social media accounts: 100 (Facebook), 43 (Twitter) & 114 (Instagram)