We think it’s important for more LGBT people to travel and share their stories. The more LGBT visibility we provide, the better we can overcome homophobia and help LGBT people to travel safely and be better informed about the amazing opportunities around the world waiting to be discovered.

We work with a variety of awesome content creators across their blogs, YouTube accounts and social media channels. Our team of content creators are loved by their fans and followers and collaborating with them is an excellent way to reach the LGBT community in an intimate and non-intrusive way.



Two Bad Tourists

A popular travel blog and online resource for LGBT travelers created in 2012  focusing on international gay friendly destinations, festivals and events. With an audience of more than 110,000 readers and followers, the website has grown to become one of the most popular online travel blogs written specifically for the LGBT community.

Blog: 40,000
Facebook: 6,000
Twitter: 30,500
Instagram: 21,500
YouTube: 1,000
Google+: 3,300
Moovz: 3,000
Email: 7,000


Trent & Luke

Trent & Luke run an LGBT channel which focus’ on more then just one thing. Altogether they have 3 Channels which add up to a total of 300,000 Subscribers – One of those channels is an Adventure/ Vloging Channel which focus’ on the Day to Day travels & Also Mini Travel series’ such as ‘Dear Trent, Dear Luke’ & Most Recently ‘GAYCATION’.

YouTube: 232,200
Blog: 20,000
Facebook: 10,000
Twitter: 62,000
Instagram: 81,000
YouNow: 15,000


Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien are a couple and have been traveling the world together since 2014 after leaving their lives in London. They created their blog as a platform to record their romantic adventures, write about the different gay scenes and of course, all their culinary discoveries.

Blog: 65,000
Facebook: 10,600
Twitter: 42,000
Instagram: 44,600
Pinterest: 10,300
Email: 2,000


The HomoCulture

Owner and editor in chief of HomoCulture, the largest and most trusted site on gay culture in North America. Celebrity social influencer and Mr. Gay Canada People’s Choice.

Blog: 25,000
Twitter: 7,900
Instagram: 28,000
Email: 1,000


Arielle Scarcella

LGBT video content creator living her life in NYC and spreading self love, self esteem and self worth lessons with the world.

YouTube: 750,000
Facebook: 101,000
Twitter: 62,000
Instagram: 69,000


Matthew Schueller

Matthew is an award winning photographer whose work focuses on travel, portraiture & conceptual art. Matthew’s YouTube features LGBTQ topics and activism videos and he posts a variety of lifestyle video-blogs and travel videos. He has been an active member of the YouTube community since 2007, achieving awards such as YouTube’s Next Vlogger (2012) and King of the Web (2011). His participating on YouTube and with photography has brought him to work for several different companies abroad for travel-related publications.

YouTube: 95,000
Facebook: 5,100
Twitter: 20,200
Instagram: 31,800
Vine: 1,200
Google+: 3,600
YouNow: 7,200


Andy Lalwani

As a college student in Washington, DC, he focuses a lot about traveling, LGBTQ+ content, education and hot topics on his channel and social media. He tries to show the world that growing up isn’t so scary.

YouTube: 5,200
Facebook: 1,800
Twitter: 8,300
Instagram: 22,600
YouNow: 3,800


Estevan Quintero

Estevan is a 27-year-old Latino writer living in Los Angeles. He created his YouTube channel with one simple mission: to make the world a brighter place. He uploads weekly videos such as travel vlogs with his fiancé where they spontaneously backpack to breathtaking destinations around the globe, men’s lifestyle and fashion lookbooks featuring his latest obsessions, stories from the red carpets of Hollywood and feel good videos created in the hopes of inspiring viewers to go out and chase their wildest dreams.

YouTube: 5,200
Facebook: 1,300
Instagram: 1,800


Angelis Borges

Angelis is a worldwide LGBT ambassador and her social media is well rounded to blog her opinions, travels, tips and more. Her and her wife make frequent videos on their YouTube Channel and they’re also advocates for the LGBTQ community. They’ve quickly gained a worldwide following who are loyal and their subscribers are growing daily.

YouTube: 12,400
Facebook: 112,000
Twitter: 98,000
Instagram: 118,000


Globetrotter Girls

Dani Heinrich is the vagabonding writer and photographer behind GlobetrotterGirls.com. Globetrottergirls is an independent travel website geared toward people with a passion for travel – no matter if these are long-term or short-term travelers, LGBT travelers, city breakers or adventurers. Her mission is to make traveling easier for her readers, sharing what she’s learned on her journey, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Blog: 70,000
Facebook: 7,600
Twitter: 19,100
Instagram: 17,600
Google+: 1,200
Pinterest: 4,800
Email: 2,000


Live Like Tom

LiveLikeTom is ‘the kinda gay travel blog’, founded by Serge van Marion. The blog is mainly written in Dutch by multiple editors, covering travel, arts & culture and gay lifestyle.

Blog: 12,000
Facebook: 1,000
Twitter: 1,200
Instagram: 1,200



LGBTQ Married Couple, Vinny and Luke. They create videos that relate to their relationship and life ranging from lifestyle videos, challenges and vlogs.

YouTube: 105,000
Facebook: 8,000
Twitter: 19,000
Instagram: 27,000
YouNow: 17,000


Couple of Men

Welcome to Couple of Men, Amsterdam’s gay travel blog No 1. Karl & Daan are a gay couple exploring Amsterdam and the world openly gay supporting and connecting the international LGBT community.

Blog: 10,000
Facebook: 1,000
Twitter: 4,000
Instagram: 16,000


Dopes on the Road

Meg Ten Eyck is a travel and culture blogger featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Go Magazine, Elite Daily, Matador Network, Wanderful, DapperQ, and Korea Observer.

Blog: 7,000
Facebook: 3,500
Twitter: 1,200
Instagram: 14,000
Email: 5,000



Riley J. Dennis

Riley makes social justice and political commentary videos on YouTube from a queer perspective (as a non-binary trans lesbian), and also includes occasional sketches, storytimes, list videos and travel vlogs.

YouTube: 14,000
Facebook: 3,400
Twitter: 3,700
Instagram: 1,500


Josh Rimer

Josh produces 3 sassy videos a week on his YouTube channel. On Tuesdays he reviews a viral video and on Thursdays he shares a funny top 10 list – those 2 videos also air during commercial breaks on Canada’s national LGBT network OUTtv. On Sundays he also uploads a vlog on his channel called a “Sassy Sunday” which is typically from an event or destination that he’s been to, often with his boyfriend.

YouTube: 29,500
Facebook: 4,000
Twitter: 5,400
Instagram: 2,400
Google+: 1,000
Vine: 2,000
Email: 1,500



Viaja Bi!

Since launched, in 2014, Viaja Bi! is the #1 gay travel blog in Brazil, with a very personal view of LGBT-friendly destinations, hotels, events and news. Partner blog of the main Brazilian travel magazine, Viaja Bi! has also a popular channel on YouTube, commanded by Rafael Leick, a more-than-30yo gay guy from São Paulo who put foot on more than 20 countries, lived in London, has travel as his fuel, write about travelling since 2009 at Viagem Primata and has a degree in Communications.


Journey with Jonny

Jonathan Ralph is a British guy currently living in Manchester, England. He enjoys getting lost in new cities, eating ridiculous amounts of Asian food, and making plans – even though he finds it impossible to stick to them! He loves the party and spends most of his travels hungover.


Rexy Edventures

Adventures of a deaf, handsome and gay luxury backpacker travelling the unexpected.


Cool Gay Travels

Two married gay guys sharing the world and travel experiences one frame and story at a time and making the LGBT presence known around the world. Looking to motivate and inspire the LGBT community to explore the world, make a difference and build strong solid bonds and making it clear that the LGBT are strong decision makers and influencers in the travel industry world.


High Heels Abroad

High Heels Abroad is a new travel website with a mission of promoting exciting destinations for inspiring future travelers and teaching readers about the inner workings of the travel industry. Of course, all while rocking 6 inch heels. Ross Michael is very excited to share his own stories and he plans to open up the website to include other passionate male and female travelers in heels who have a story and vision to share.


Minka Guides

Minka Guides is more than a travel blog: it’s a collection of city guides for spirited travelers to use on the go, with all the fun handpicked for you! Focussing on ‘fabulous travel’, it’s for people who want an edit of everything that is both quality and quirky, in addition to being welcoming to LGBT travelers, inclusive of vegetarian and gluten-free foodies, and oozing with fun, personality and style!


Ravi 'Round the World

Ravi Roth from Ravi ‘Round The World has spent the last 10 years trekking the globe exploring Gay culture in every city he goes to. Instead of using Yelp or Trip Advisor, Ravi bases his itinerary from the people who actually live in each city. With only a cell phone and selfie stick in hand, Ravi fearlessly interviews locals, and captures the best gay friendly restaurants, cafes, bars, and sites that locals love.


The Crowded Planet

Margherita Ragg is a blogger and freelance writer, creator of nature and adventure travel blog The Crowded Planet. She is based in Milan part-time and spends the rest of the year travelling around the world and living as a digital nomad. Her writing was published in the Guardian, Matador Network, Green Global Travel, The Grand Wine Tour and many other publications, and she collaborated with National Geographic. Sleeping in, eating pretty much anything and playing with her cat Tappo are three of her favorite things.


My Normal Gay Life

Jose Harvey is the creator and writer of My Normal Gay Life. He’s from the United States and, after completing his graduate program, decided to pursue blogging about traveling. Travel has always been a passion for Jose as he loves learning about new cultures, experiencing new ways of life, and seeing incredible vistas. My Normal Gay Life is about his journeys traveling around the world offering advice, tips, and reflections on life from the road.