We offer turnkey solutions to our clients by helping them develop innovative online campaigns powered by influential online personalities. We can help you build the perfect campaign for any budget which aligns well with your business goals. Whether you want to grown your social media audience, retain customers and build brand advocacy, generate leads, capture consumer data or simply drive awareness and sales – we have the perfect campaign for you. We deliver a full package and not only build and launch your campaign, but manage, amplify and optimize throughout duration. Once complete, we deliver a complete measurement and analytics package to show you the performance of your campaign thereby demonstrating results and justifying your investment.

Influencer Trips

We’ll send a team of influencers to your destination to feature their visit via their online channels


Sponsored Content

Our team of influencers will promote a new product, destination, feature or event via their online channels



We’ll host an online giveaway to promote a new product, destination, feature or event 

Twitter Chats

We’ll curate a live conversation to create dialogue with existing and new followers on social media 

Instagram Takeovers

We’ll have a team of influencers take over your Instagram account to promote a new product, destination, feature or event 

Social Media Packages

We’ll design a social media and integrated marketing solution to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and engagement


We’ll run an online contest to develop user generated content for later use on your own online and social media channels

Social Media Feeds

We’ll create a social media feed with aggregated content to be displayed online or at an event

Social Commerce

We’ll create a social commerce gallery connecting influencer or user generated content with an online retail interface