Auston Matta – Founder & Director / Photo by Steve Dunlop

Outfluential was founded by the guys behind Two Bad Tourists, a popular travel blog and online resource for LGBT travelers created in 2012  focusing on international gay friendly destinations, festivals and events. With an audience of more than 130,000 readers and followers, the website has grown to become one of the most popular online travel blogs written specifically for the LGBT community.

We aim to use our expertise in content creation, social media and influencer outreach within the LGBT segment to help brands, destinations and industry professionals promote their offering to the LGBT community. Like Two Bad Tourists, Outfluential was founded based on a passion for travel and the belief that LGBT tourism is a unique and important segment of the industry that is both full of opportunity yet requires specific outreach to most effectively target the audience.

We want to help content creators earn a living by telling more of their personal stories. We’ll do this by connecting content creators with industry in a win-win scenario where content creators get access to more brand opportunities while helping to provide visibility to companies and brands that support the LGBT community.

Writing and creating video is fun and rewarding, but unless content creators can get rewarded for their time, it’s difficult to continuously tell these stories. By connecting these two parities, we hope to see more great content from our favorite storytellers which will ultimately help the LGBT community gain better visibility.

In July of 2016 we launched a Kickstarter to help support Outfluential so we could officially form a team of great influencers and start representing these individuals at industry leading travel events in North America and Europe. We are grateful for all of our backers and couldn’t have succesfully started Outfluential without their support. We’d like to dedicate a special thanks to the followings individuals who backed our project with financial support.

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